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May 16, 2018

3 Tips For A Perfect Send Off

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The send off or exit is always such a fun moment to capture at weddings! The send off pictures are always some of my favorites from the day. I’ve been able to capture all different kinds of send offs including bubbles, sparklers, flower petals, and confetti. No matter what type of exit you’re planning on, here are 3 tips for the perfect send off.

1. Plan Ahead

This might sound obvious, but plan ahead! Most brides know what they’ll be doing for a send off (sparklers, bubbles, confetti, etc.) but they don’t usually plan the logistics. Plan ahead for where exactly the line will go and where you’ll be walking.

If you don’t have enough photography coverage to capture a send off at the end of your reception, consider a “send off” from the ceremony into the reception. You could also plan a “controlled exit” during the reception. This involves your bridal party and a few family members sneaking away during the reception to “fake” an exit. If you want to do a controlled exit, make sure you inform the people that you want to be involved before the wedding day!

2. Make someone in charge

Pick someone to be in charge of the send off and make sure to tell them exactly where you want people to line up, before the wedding day. Make sure this person knows that they’ll be in charge and are OK with that. This works best if the person won’t feel awkward telling all your guests where to stand.

3. Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the moment and walk slowly! Even though you’ll be so excited, try to purposely slow down and enjoy. You’ll have great memories to look back on, and more pictures too! Make sure to stop for a kiss at the end of the line!