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June 20, 2018

My Favorite Photography Educators

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Photography techniques and marketing strategies are constantly evolving. I’m always trying to learn new tips and tricks to be a better photographer. From learning new posing techniques, to improving my client experience, or staying on top of current marketing trends, these 2 individuals are my favorite photography educators to learn from! If you’re new to the photography game, or just started turning your photography hobby into a business, you have to follow these inspirational photographers!

1. Katelyn James

Katelyn James is one of the first photography educators that I learned from when starting out. She covers just about everything related to running a photography business including posing ideas, how to handle tricky lighting situations, editing workflow, creating wedding timelines, and so much more. She offers a lot of free resources and has other guides and courses that you can learn from as well.

2. Jenna Kutcher

When I wanted to turn my love for photography into a profitable business, I started following Jenna Kutcher. Applying her business tips helped me leave my full time job to pursue photography. Jenna has so many great tips for running a business including  help with Instagram captions, Pinterest marketing strategies, email marketing techniques, and creating workflows and systems. I love listening to her Podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, twice a week!

Besides Katelyn James and Jenna Kutcher, I’m also inspired by the work of Lauren Fair, Julie Paisley, and The Grovers.  Their beautiful images have heavily influenced my editing style and their work inspires me to keep improving!