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January 14, 2020

In Which Season Should You Get Married?

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After you get engaged, the first thing you have to decide on is a date! With all of the options and unique design options for each season, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. In this blog post, I’ll go over some practical pros and cons of getting married in each season.


Pros: There’s a reason summer is the most popular time to get married! Summer time means long, warm, and sunny days. The longer days allow for the most flexibility on when you can get your pictures taken. Although some summer days can be rainy, it’s a pretty high possibility that you’ll have a nice sunny day, which is great for pictures! The warm weather and long days also mean that you have the opportunity to have an outdoor ceremony, and even reception! Another upside to getting married in the summer is that your friends and family will usually be more available because of school breaks.

Cons: With the warm summer temperatures comes the possibility of sweltering heat. The high temperatures and hot sun are a major downside during an outdoor ceremony. To combat the heat, try to keep your outdoor ceremony short! Another con to high temperatures in getting sweaty during pictures. No one enjoys standing out in the sun for pictures when it’s too hot. The heat and humidity might also cause problems for hair and makeup. Another downside to getting married in summer is that vendors are usually less available. If you have a certain photographer, venue, or planner in mind, you’ll have to book before all their summer dates fill up!


Pros: The best part of fall weddings is the colorful leaves! With the beautiful oranges, yellows, and reds, it’s no wonder that fall weddings are becoming more and more popular. The colorful leaves make for amazing pictures. Fall weather is usually chilly, but much more bearable than winter weather for outside pictures. If you have a nice day, you’ll probably be able to take all your pictures outside. Another slight advantage to fall weddings is that you don’t have to worry about bugs!

Cons: Because of the gorgeous fall colors, this season is usually just as busy as summer. Because of this, vendors might have low availability. As a photographer, my fall is sometimes even busier than summer! Another downside to getting married in the fall is less floral availability. Not as many flowers will be in season which could limit your options. Weather is another possible disadvantage to fall. You might have a beautiful day, or you might have a stormy, windy, and cold day, making it difficult to get pictures with those pretty fall colors.


Pros: Winter weddings are great if you love feeling cozy (and who doesn’t??) Christmas lights, a hot coco bar, evergreen decorations, unique color schemes… the possibilities for a unique and cozy day are endless! Winter is the off season for weddings which means that more vendors will be available. You shouldn’t have a problem booking your favorite venue, photographer, florist, or planner. Some vendors even offer discounts for off season weddings! Another upside of winter weddings is the possibility for gorgeous snowy photos. These photos are always so beautiful and unique.

Cons: The most significant disadvantage to a winter wedding is the freezing temperatures! The cold makes outdoor ceremonies basically impossible, and makes outdoor pictures uncomfortable. You’ll have to commit to either being really cold, or doing most of your pictures indoor. Although there’s a possibility for gorgeous snowy photos, most of the time, the snow is melted or muddy. Winter also means shorter days, allowing for less flexibility for when you’ll take your pictures. Another disadvantage to winter weather is the possibility of snow storms causing delays or keeping guests from being able to celebrate with you. Another consideration is the fact that winter is usually a busy time for people with the holidays. Holiday plans or vacations could keep people from coming to your wedding.


Pros: Spring is my favorite season, so it’s no wonder that spring weddings are my favorite! The best part about spring weddings is that everyone is excited to celebrate after a long winter. The grass is green, trees are beginning to get their leaves, and flowers are blooming. The main advantage to having a spring wedding is the weather. It’s usually not too hot, and not too cold. The weather makes spring a great season for pictures because it’s warm enough to take all your pictures outside, but not hot enough to make you sweat. Another upside of spring is the variety of available flowers for your bouquet, boutonnière, and other floral arrangements.

Cons: Although spring weather is usually just the right temperature, it’s also notoriously unpredictable. At least in the Midwest, it’s not unheard of the get a snowstorm in the middle of April. Another downside to spring weddings is allergies. If you have bad seasonal allergies, make sure to be prepared!

Hopefully this post has helped you think through the pros and cons of getting married in each season! Whatever season you plan to get married in, I’d love to capture your day.