February 7, 2018

Our Colorado Vacation

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Day 1: We explored Estes Park and hiked about 5 miles. We saw Bear Lake, Dream Lake, Emerald Lake, and Lake Hiayaha. Although there was no snow on the ground in Estes Park, the higher up we got the snowier it got. We also didn’t realize how windy it would be! Dream Lake was my favorite from the day. The views on the way up to Lake Hiayaha were beautiful too!

Day 2: We spent the day in Denver. We did some window shopping, ate some delicious food, and met up with a friend for coffee.

Day 3: We got up early to try to get a sunrise time lapse at Sprague Lake, but it was too cloudy. Next, we hiked to Alberta Falls. We were going to try to hike to the Loch Vale but since we didn’t have snow shoes and it was snowing pretty hard, we decided not to.  Later in the day we walked around in Moraine Park and took some pictures.

Day 4: So at the end of day 3, we got into a car accident. A truck was driving down the road, slipped on the ice, and slid into us. We were fine but we had to get a tow truck. We spent most of the day figuring things out with our car insurance and the rental car. Just thankful that no one got hurt!! The picture below is the view from our cabin window.

Day 5: We hiked to Gem Lake. It was a nice sunny day, but it was pretty windy by the time we got up to the lake. The hike up to the lake had some beautiful views of Estes Park.

Day 6: We spent the day in Colorado Springs. First we hiked to Mount Cutler. It was sunny and pretty warm until the end of the hike when clouds and fog started to roll in. We ate lunch and then went to Garden of the gods and walked around. It was foggy but I love the way the pictures look with the fog and the frost!

So thankful for a great week spent with my favorite person! I’m glad we have the same off season and flexibility that allows us to take vacations. We both had a great time!